Best Practices for the Mediator and Participants

Best Practices for the Mediator

  • We do NOT make our meetings public.
  • We do NOT share the meeting link publicly or on social media.
  • We password protect all scheduled meetings.
  • We change the “screen sharing” option to “Host Only”.
  • We disable all recording functionality.
  • We have a very specific contract for rules and confidentiality we send to our mediation clients which MUST be signed before mediation begins.
  • We request submission of the name, email and cell phone number of EVERY participant before the online mediation begins.
  • We send out a 2-minute practice video to participants before the mediation begins.
  • We place the mediation participants in a “virtual waiting room” where my coordinator greets them, verifies all of their submitted ID information and assigns then to a “named”, confidential breakout room.
  • Once all participants are present, we LOCK the meeting down.
  • We immediately download all Zoom software updates.
  • We use a secure network with ethernet line connection.
  • We keep a backup laptop ready to go, just in case of last-minute issues!

Best Practices for Participants

  • Connect to meeting from a secure network, preferably via ethernet rather than WiFi. (Never from a public hotspot!)
  • Practice Makes Perfect — participants who intend to present materials are asked to practice using screen share or whiteboard tools in advance of the mediation.
  • Ensure a closed-room, with no possibility of interruption or having discussions overheard.
  • No recording of the mediation permitted by participants, in whole or part.
  • Ideally, a cell-phone and email free environment, to concentrate minds on the case at hand.
  • Participants should feel free to ask mediator for assurances on privacy/confidentiality.