Case Studies, Litigation, & ADR Models

The Hoerster Mediation Firm has been on the cutting edge of complex litigation, mass torts, national medical device litigation and catastrophic event cases, among other matters, since the inception of The Hoerster Mediation Firm in 1996.

Pam Hoerster has demonstrated a unique ability to devise effective ADR models resulting in high success rates for firm clients in a variety of complex matters. As Pam noted, “flexibility and the ability to improvise after listening to all sides is the key to a mediator’s success.”

Because there was no precedent in a number of complex mediations, Pam devised new ADR models for her case load. Using these models, she successfully mediated hundreds of Mass Tort and Windstorm Cases. Understanding these case studies has been a win/win situation for her clients and for the clogged dockets at the trial court.

Case Studies, Litigation, Catastrophic and ADR for Oil-Platform-Explosion

Her flexibility and creativity was again called upon, creating unique ADR models in order to mediate thousands of “catastrophic event” cases for both plaintiff and defendants. Pam was on “ground zero” in many respects for bringing superior and unique knowledge and skills for hundreds of the Gulf Coast catastrophic cases.

She was one of the trailblazers in creating the “batch model” which had a significant positive impact by reducing clients exposure, decreasing future litigation expenses and allowing courts and their staff to efficiently manage their case count on their dockets.

Pam’s ability to step in on a short-term basis and be ready to handle complex matters under the urgency of massive catastrophic events, make her qualifications extraordinary and unique.

Her litigation experience as a trial attorney gives her a unique level of experience in serious multi-party injury and death cases. She has been THE mediator to do the “heavy lifting”.

Attorneys on both sides know that when there is a complex, serious matter such as explosions, trucking, construction, railroad and maritime disputes, Pam Hoerster is the “go to” mediator. And, now the firm has added very secure and successful Online Platforms not only for Covid-19; but for the future.