Hoerster Path to Resolution


Hoerster Resolution National Mediator

A national mediator cannot do over 10,000 mediations, many of them complex multi-party disputes, unless the mediator is doing something right. The reason for that number and the firm’s high success rate is the unique Hoerster Path to Resolution. It is this process that sets us apart. While we cannot share all of the details, it involves a disciplined process, honed over time, that includes yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily preparation. The continuous training and discipline includes research, self study, CLE updates, diet, exercise, and meditation. The result is a national mediator who is focused and disciplined with the physical and mental stamina to push for a successful resolution.

The key to a successful mediation, especially complex, national, multi-party mediations is preparation. As a former Lady Longhorn at the University of Texas, Pam knows the value of preparation, especially the physical stamina required to obtain a successful conclusion.


Extensive CLE and self study through professional societies like the Association of Attorney Mediators (AAM), the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (NADN), and the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association (TMCA) keep Pam on the “cutting edge” of her profession and at the “top of her game”.

Disciplined Training and Lifestyle

A complex mediation is similar to a high stakes competitive athletic event. Both physical and mental training are needed for success. Pam has carried over the habits of her “competitive athlete” days, combining diet and intense exercise with core and boxing training. This training, along with daily meditation allows Pam to maximize her energy, focus and concentration. This allows her to not only hear what the parties are saying but what they mean–which may be different. A student of human behavior, honed by years both in the courtroom as a litigator and in the boardroom as a mediator, Pam understands and can read both non-verbal cues and voice tone. That preparation obtains good results for the parties.

Components of a Successful Mediator

Opened in 1996, the Hoerster Mediation Firm has a number of basic principles from which it will never deviate: unwavering ethics, consistency, fairness, non-negotiable honesty, toughness and persistence. Pam knows she must be physically and mentally well trained and prepared so that she is the last to give up.

She believes in the Yogi Berra’s attitude, “it ain’t over till it’s over.”